A home plate client enjoying their meal with the chef cooking in the backgroundExperience the luxury of fine dining at home with Home Plate personal chefs

  • Home Plate offers personalised fine dining in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
  • We specialise in dinner parties and personal chef services, and also offer gift certificates.
  • Your personal chef will create a unique culinary experience for you and your guests that will be talked about long after the dishes are done.
  • Choose from our extensive menu and your personal chef will prepare and cook the meal in your kitchen, before serving you and your guests at the table.
  • Unlike most restaurants where the chef doesn’t have time to focus on your specific needs, your Home Plate personal chef is focused solely on you. This gives you the flexibility to tailor the menu to suit your own dietary requirements. Whether you don’t like mushrooms, would love a completely vegetarian degustation, or need gluten or dairy free meals, we can tailor the menu to suit you.
  • On average, a three course meal will take approximately two hours from service of the first course and the degustation will take approximately three hours.
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How it works

    1. Call or email us to book a day and time for your dinner party or personal chef service.
    2. Choose from our extensive menu or speak to us about tailoring the menu to suit your taste and dietary requirements.
    3. Your chef will source fresh ingredients for your dinner from local markets and artisan suppliers.
    4. Your chef will arrive two to three hours before you’d like the first course served and will leave about an hour after the final course is served.
    5. Sit back and relax while our chef prepares the meal in your kitchen, before serving the meal to you and your guests at the table.
    6. Your chef will bring all the crockery, cutlery, serviettes and cookware required for your dining experience. You will need to provide all other table settings such as glassware, table cloths and place mats, as well as beverages for your guests.
    7. Your chef will clean up, ensuring your kitchen is left sparkling, before leaving you to enjoy the rest of your evening.
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Your chef

Ben Harrison, executive chef and owner of Home Plate, has worked throughout Canberra for over 15 years, including many years as sous chef and head chef at a number of well known Canberra restaurants. Ben’s cooking style is influenced by the many great chefs he has worked with, from classically trained French chefs to Asian spice masters. With extensive knowledge of produce from around the world, Ben is renowned for his ability to combine quality ingredients to create exciting meals your guests will love.

“I like to start with quality ingredients, keep it simple, then put my own spin on things. I’m not one to follow recipes very often—I just decide what ingredients I want to use and then use my instincts to combine them. I’m always looking for a sense of balance when putting my dishes together. I love the richness of a great cassoulet and the spiciness of a good laksa, but I also love the simplicity of fresh Italian bread with a grassy olive oil, and the subtle flavours of fresh sashimi. I love to cook for people who appreciate good food; to create a dish that looks good, smells good, and tastes great—that’s what I’m aiming for.”
Ben Harrison
Home Plate Executive Chef